Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday...With Love

Recently my sweet grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday! I know, pretty big deal, huh? The sweet part is that her birthday is on Valentine's Day, the sweetest holiday of the year! Have i said sweet enough? (lol) So we gave her a soiree this year in an Everything Sweet fashion! It was so much fun and she was overwhelmed with happiness!

pics of the great grands scattered across the table made a sweet accent!

the crafts

homemade pizza...yummmm!

the homemade sweetheart pizza..notice the heart-shaped pepperoni=fun!:)

the LOVE with all the great grands! Her favorite part!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

B is for Baby! A Pink and Purple Baby Shower

It is always such a joy to celebrate the expected arrival of a little one making baby showers one of my favorite type of events to do. I was thrilled at the opportunity to come up with ideas for this particular shower for Baby Anorah. We chose a pink and purple color palette with a flower garden theme.  It turned out so pretty! I love how the combination of colors worked so well together giving it such bold and bright look. Also, the diaper cake and letter "A" were a beautifully added touch. Most of all, the radiant mommy-to-be was extremely pleased....mission accomplished!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hooray For Hollywood!!! An Oscar Themed Birthday Party

Planning parties and events allows me the opportunity to meet some really interesting and extraordinary people. John Prentice, a talented young thespian whom I had the pleasure of planning a birthday party for, fits the description as one of those extraordinary people. His sweet mom, Katy wanted to give him a 23rd birthday party that embodied his unique personality and his love for theater. So we decided to go with an Oscar themed birthday party to honor the soon to be star!

Walking the Red Carpet!

And the Oscar goes to.....