Friday, October 22, 2010

A Pretty Pinkalicious Birthday Party

"Pink,pink,pink! More than anything Pinkalicious loves pink, especially pink cupcakes." Victoria Kann's book Pinkalicious is nothing short of adorable! It's a story of a little girl who loved pink, especially pink cupcakes.  However, when she ate too many of them she turned pink and came down with a horrible case of pinkititis!  This book is a perfect fit for any little girl who loves PINK! So to honor the pink princess why not throw her a perfectly pinkatastic Pinkalicious Birthday party inspired by the book itself? We did just that!  We decided to do it up pink style for our princess' 3rd birthday. Can you guess what color the party theme was? Pink cupcakes, pink balloons, pink cookies, pink candy, pink food, pink drink, OH MY! Check it out!
The inspiration!

The invitation!

Pink polka dot cookies from Cookie Girl.

The pink food, and of course we had to include the green foods so we wouldn't all turn pink. :)

Pink Candy bar and goodies!

Notice the pink chocolate chip cookies courtesy of our fabulous friend Kari Bennett! And they were super yummy!!!

It was pretty pinkatastic!!!!

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