Monday, July 11, 2011

The Sweet Spot of the Week

Every week we are going to spotlight local eateries that are just to awesome to keep a secret. This week's pick is Sara Sara Cupcakes. These sweet treats are located at 7 NW 9th Street in a cute little two store house with a welcoming bright pink door and nestled in a nook in downtown Oklahoma City. My sister and I visited Sara Sara Cupcakes recently and we fell in love with not only the goodies but also the hospitality of the staff. They were super sweet!

They have a large variety of cupcakes ranging from strawberry shortcake to pineapple upside down cake. One cupcake cost $3.25 which is pretty competitive with other cupcakeries in the metro. However, what we appreciate about Sara Sara cupcakes is that you acutally get an ample sized cupcake for your money.

I had the pleasure of indulging in the Sir Elton John, which is a cherry cheesecake cupcake sprinkled with graham crackers and topped with sweet cherries. The cupcake actually tasted like a slice of cherry cheesecake, very smooth, moist and oh so delicious! They also feature a milk bar that, in my opinion, has the coldest, creamiest milk on the planet! It is that good! They offer white milk and chocolate or starwberry.  One should definitely make a special trip downtown to Sara Sara Cupcakes and try one of their delectable treats.
*photos from Sara Sara Cupcakes

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